Valencia INNO HUB

Valencia INNO HUB 

Valencia INNO HUB is a Spanish non-profit organization born with the objective of putting together talent and technology and foster employability and entrepreneurship among Valencian community. By mentoring and training INNO HUB supports entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and also individuals from disadvantage groups facing different factors of exclusion: youngsters and adults with educational difficulties, unemployed or migrants. With this intention, INNO HUB develops many activities to help companies/individuals to reach their objectives:

  • By offering workshops, training, seminars, and networking related to several topics of interest, especially on management, business development, soft skills, entrepreneurship, business models, innovation, internationalization and financing;
  • By promoting technologic and innovation cooperation; 
  • By supporting disadvantage groups and wannabe entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, boosting entrepreneurial skills; 
  • By facilitating access to R+D+I Financing; 
  • By providing assistance related to technologic vigilance and innovation management.